Diamond Bush Hammer Grinding Discs For Husqvarna Grinder

Our Husqvarna Diamond Bush Hammer Grinding Discs is used top quality Tungsten Carbide Alloy,and the same time adopt the advanced welding technology.So that we can make our bush hammer will work stronger and fast. Now our hammers are well tested by the customers around USA,Australia,

New Zealand,Italy,Canada,UAE,Jordan...It is proved to be fast and aggressive on create the Anti-Slip Surface or the Antiques Surface.It can be also use to destroy the painting,resin or Glue.

Products Feature:

- Fast & Smoothly Grinding
- Long Cutting Life
- Customized Acceptable
- OEM Acceptable

Size Information

-  30/45 Pins/Roller

-  Size : 9" or 10.5"

-  3 or 6 pcs Rollers/Set

-  Top Quality Tungsten Carbide Alloy

-  For Create Anti-Slip or Antiques Surface

-  Destroy the Painting ,Resin or Glue